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Achieve Excellence with a Continuous Improvement Culture

How healthy is your operating system?


Do employees find purpose in achieving aligned business goals? 


Are problems solved to root and solutions shared organization-wide?


Is the organization highly reliable with safety, quality, delivery, and cost?

We guide organizations to build a culture focused on human development while integrating the work, improvement, and management systems to sustain the results

Standardize Your

Analyze how value is provided to your customers. Design activities, connections, and pathways through an agreed-upon standard method with built-in-test to signal problems automatically.
  • Process Standard Work
  • Control Plan with Critical to Quality
  • Job Breakdown Analysis
  • On-The-Job Training
  • Error Proofing with Visual Controls
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Improvement System.png

Develop Your

Engage and empower everyone in the organization. Create a community of scientists who solve problems when their customer needs are not met, they cannot do their work successfully, or when their process is not yet ideal.
  • Real-Time Problem-Solving
  • 4C Problem-Solving Skills
  • A3 Problem-Solving/Coaching
  • Rapid Improvement/Kaizen
  • 3P Human-Centered Design

Formalize Your

Integrate a framework that supports both the work and the improvement systems. Guide leaders to align activities to the True North goals of the organization, monitor process and performance. Detect defects and develop people to solve problems, learn, and improve results.
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Tiered Management System with Huddles
  • Accountability System
  • Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)
  • Gemba Walks to Develop Capabilities
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Lean Management Systems Brings Excellence

We assist companies like yours in structuring their operating systems, developing problem-solving capabilities, and selecting the tools that achieve results.

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Organizations We Have Supported

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Didier is a creative lean thinker, effective as a leader in developing the lean thinking of those who work for him, and insightful in developing lean applications. His focus goes beyond the application of lean tools to encompass engaging those who do to participate in continuous improvement. He understands the importance of the people and cultural sides of lean and knows how to balance the drive for results with a keen focus on the process. Didier is an exceptional leader of people; an exceptional lean teacher, thinker, and implementer; and a highly effective manager.

David Mann, Principal at David Mann Lean Consulting

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