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The Lean Management System's Approach

Like the human body, the organization is a system that integrates interdependent subsystems. The quality of an operating system is defined by the quality of the connections among the work, improvement, and management systems. The mission of Lean Management Systems is to help individuals and organizations achieve a higher level of performance by integrating the work, improvement, and management systems to develop a holistic and sustainable operating system. In parallel with the improvement and process improvement, we challenge and grow the problem-solving capability of every employee. 

  • We connect people to outcomes by pursuing 100% value-added work and designing work to be done right the first time. Using the value-based safety goal of zero harm, we align, unleash, and focus people’s efforts. We enable employees to solve problems using the scientific method, with leaders supporting problem-solving coaching in a psychologically safe environment.

  • We integrate problem-solving and problem-solving coaching capabilities into a methodological approach to system understanding, analysis, and design. This leader-led operating system transformation drives the stability needed for continuous improve

Our roadmap to process, value stream, and organizational transformation follows our 4-step method:
Assess, Align, Build and Integrate. 

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