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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

The establishment of leader standard work starts by defining the value provided by the leader to the organization. This value differs with role and responsibility. It can nevertheless be synthesized into four main responsibilities summarized:

  • ALIGN by creating a vision and alignment with goals

  • ENABLE by coaching and developing others

  • IMPROVE by supporting daily improvement


The leader standard work document is simply a tool to anchor high-value activities into routines. The most important aspect is the daily, weekly, or monthly reflection process that the tool supports. The picture of the document presents what the leader can see and reflect on:

(1) Tasks with the planned time (day and time of the day)

(2), (3), (4) Task durations and their completion per plan

(5) Type of task. In this case, maintaining standards or improving standards. The leader could identify if the tasks contribute to aligning, enabling, improving, or personal commitment.

(6) Time planned for routine activities. This helps the leader to level load the routines over the days of the month and reduce the potential burden.

(7) Number of tasks completed per plan and percentage against the plan

Here, we do not see the purpose of each task (not usually printed), nor the notes taken by the leader (usually on the back of the document.)

Leader standard work enables leaders to PDSA their own work. It helps them to free up their mind, be intentional, reflect, and add more value to the organization and more meaning to their contribution



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