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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Start with looking at the DAILY HUDDLES. Are they used? Are they done WELL?

Daily huddles should start with the leader positively engaging the team. I recommend the 3 following sections, all supported with visual artifacts:

1 - Reflect from YESTERDAY:

* What did we learn from safety problems elevated in real-time?

* What are the KPIs telling us?

* What could we try to avoid the same issues from happening again?

2 - Plan to win TODAY:

* What is our customer demand?

* What resources (people, equipment, supplies, information, etc.) do we need?

* What gaps between the demand and resource needs need to be addressed?

3 - Improve for TOMORROW:

* What process needs our improvement to support strategy deployment?

* What is our target?

* What did we try last? What did we learn?

* What is our next experiment?

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