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DRIVING OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Need for Daily Tiered Management

Imagine you're driving a car on a winding mountain road, focused on navigating each turn with precision. Suddenly, without warning, you feel a jolt as one of your wheels detaches from the axle, sending your vehicle careening out of control. In this scenario, you lacked early indicators of the impending problem—perhaps a slight wobble or unusual noise—that could have alerted you to the issue before it escalated into a dangerous situation.

Similarly, in our complex operating environment, navigating the twists and turns of daily operations requires constant vigilance and proactive management. Without early indicators and a structured approach to problem-solving, we risk encountering unexpected challenges that can disrupt our ability to deliver value to customers.

This is where the Tiered Management System with problem escalation comes into play. Much like a well-maintained car with sensors that detect potential issues before they escalate, our Tiered Management System provides us with early indicators and a structured framework for addressing problems as they arise:

Daily Huddles: Just as a driver conducts routine checks before embarking on a journey, our teams gather for daily huddles to monitor performance and identify any deviations from expected outcomes. These huddles serve as our early warning system, allowing us to spot potential issues and take corrective action before they escalate.

Visual Management: Similar to dashboard indicators in a car that display vital information, our visual management tools provide real-time visibility into key performance metrics. This allows us to track progress, identify trends, and address emerging issues promptly.

Action Planning: When a potential problem is identified during a huddle, action planning comes into play. Much like a driver pulling over to assess a strange noise, our teams engage to proactively identify barriers and assign resources to address them.

Problem Escalation: However, just as some car issues require professional intervention, certain problems in our operating environment may exceed the capacity of frontline teams to resolve. That's where our problem escalation process comes in. Like calling for roadside assistance, we systematically escalate issues to the appropriate tier for resolution, ensuring that critical problems are promptly addressed.

In essence, the Tiered Management System serves as our navigational aid, guiding us through the complexities of our operating environment with foresight and agility. By providing early indicators, facilitating proactive problem-solving, and enabling structured escalation processes, this system helps us stay on course and deliver exceptional value to our customers, just like a skilled driver safely navigates the twists and turns of a mountain road.



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